Construction Management Services

Managing the construction and utility work done in your space is arguably the most important piece of the interior construction process. Keeping the plan in place and monitoring day-to-day work is a necessity you can’t afford to go without. When a project runs on-time and according to plan, it’s much easier to stick to the budget.

That’s why IDG Services offers construction management services across the DFW area to help you when and where you need to most. Let us keep your construction project running smoothly and according to plan.

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Our construction management offerings include:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fire protection
  • Control Systems
  • Glazing
  • And more

Our Reviews

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“This is our fourth project with IDG Services. I have never seen any construction firm perfectly manage every detail of a parking lot, a roof HVAC installation, a multi-media conference room and a bathroom, all with such flawless perfection. They will be working on our fifth project, I assure you.”

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Rapid

We are flexible with manpower so we can respond to needs promptly.


From concept to completion, we work hard to meet all your needs.


We’re right there with you, making sure the job is done right.


The IDG safety program is by far the best in the industry.


Consistent quality from start to finish sets us apart from the competition.